Does using hot water bags cause miscarriage? safty tips

hot water bags cause miscarriage


Indeed, being a pregnant woman is a very tough work, especially when it brings about some other serious outcomes


Like suffering from back pain, headaches, abdominal pain or sometimes it promotes your hormones to make you more stressed and anxious


However, all of these aches and problems require modern and healthy solutions such as heat therapy


Thus, your hot water bag is a perfect medium for you to overcome these hardships while you are housing a baby


But nowadays, a lot of women avoid using this method as they are afraid of some probable side effects on their babies such as miscarriage


  • So is it true that using hot water bags during pregnancy is a dangerous action?


And should any pregnant woman stop using it until she gives birth?


Well I can assure you that using hot water bag therapy with the right instructions will prevent any kind of risks to your baby


In fact, it is high time to explain the wisest steps to abide by in order to avoid any serious outcome during pregnancy!


Your baby is safe while using your hot water bag like this!

baby safety using hot water bags

Perhaps you are all the time wondering about the possibility of using your hot water bag without any kind of worries?


Obviously, there some areas of your body that will not be a source of damage to the baby during pregnancy


Like what?

Well, for example, if the pain hits your lower back, and this happens most of the time with pregnant women


Then using your hot water bag over this part of your body will be a very safe process as well as very efficient to heal your pain


Therefore, you can apply your hot water bag to overcome the following aches without causing any trouble to your baby while the housing:


  • Suffering from headache (learn more)
  • Toothache 
  • Back pain (learn more)
  • Suffering from aches in your knees 
  • Muscle aches (Other than the abdominal muscles) (learn more)


In other words, as long as you are not using your hot water bag over your belly or your abdominal part, then you are very far from damaging the baby


So you will no longer worry about the risks of using this therapy when it comes to heal these kinds of aches


You can check more ideas from website (by clicking here)


However, we didn’t talk about the abdominal part yet, even if it is the most painful area during pregnancy


But it is highly recommended to pay serious attention before using your hot water bag over your belly


I can really assure you that if you abide by the next few steps, you will no longer worry about the risks of miscarriage or any of your other concerns


So keep reading these lines!


The right way of application over the belly while pregnant!

application over the belly while pregnant!

During pregnancy, it is very normal that you can suffer from some aches within your belly


It can be caused by gas and bloating or while being constipated, or sometimes due to the heavyweight of your belly


Therefore, if you are willing to overcome this ache with your hot water bag


Then I highly recommend you to abide by these substantial steps while applying it over your belly:


  • First, never use very hot water! If you have an electric hot water bag, it will indicate you the water temperature, so try to fix it on the lowest degree


  • Cover your hot water bag with a towel before applying it, and do not ever use it directly on your abdominal part


  • As this part is so sensitive, try not to exceed 15 minutes of using your hot water bag around your abdomen and pelvis


  • Keep rotating the bag from time to another and avoid keeping it over one place of your abdominal part


  • Never sleep while using your hot water bag during pregnancy!


Certainly, abiding by these simple instructions will allow you to use your hot water bag whenever you want to overcome your pain


Besides, don’t worry about the probable risks as long as you are respecting the prerequisites of applying hot water bags during pregnancy


Is it safe to use a hot water bag during pregnancy?

how to avoid hot water bags dangers

Well, as it is mentioned before, women who are ignoring the substantial tips of using heat therapies during pregnancy are usually worrying about the potential risks on the baby such as the miscarriage


So it is not about avoiding heat therapy during pregnancy, but it is about how to use wisely and very well!


In short, applying hot water bags during pregnancy is not a very dangerous process to carry out if you are highly aware of the necessary tips and instructions of usage


In other words, you can keep using your hot water bag if you are housing a baby, but just make sure that you are using it well!

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