Does hot water bag reduce back pain?


  • Are you suffering from a massive pain in your back every time you stand up?
  • Are you always wondering whether you should see a doctor or not?
  • And always looking forward to getting over your massive ache?


Well, it is high time to spot the light on the answers for all of your worries.


Because, in this case, your hot water bag works substantially as a medium for you to overcome this pain!!


Let’s find out why…


But first, you should grasp that your treatment depends on where your pain is exactly located.


Thus, all you need to do is to abide by these steps regularly and you will achieve some exquisite results faster than ever.


For your lower back

hot water bag For your lower back


All of us may encounter lower back pain, especially if we work daily while sitting on our office chair, and no matter what may have caused it, this kind of pain can be a massive hardship to deal with.


Precisely, if it hits the lower back, it could be very annoying.


So when you go back to your house after work, try to apply your hot water bag on top of your lower back.


You can use your device while watching TV or having a cup of coffee! 😀


Keep up this process for at least an hour daily after work so eventually, you can feel an awesome relief before you get to bed.


There is a reason why this brings you comfort!


In fact, your hot water bag includes heat, which provides a natural therapy just by penetrating down into your lower back muscles without causing any damages to your skin.


Thus, warming up your lower back promotes healthy articulation for your bones and better stretching for your muscles.


Mighty, isn’t it? But the best is yet to come!


For your upper back

Most doctors recommend their patients when it comes to the upper back pain to use dry heating methods, like having a massage using a heated gel pack.


However, the easiest way to replace a heated gel pack or a massage is your hot water bag!


Because when you put it on your upper back, the heat will stimulate your body to bring about more blood flow to the targeted area. This will increase the amount of oxygen there, so eventually more nutrition to the affected parts of your back muscles.


This way, heat will naturally heal your ache as much as it will overcome the symptoms and bring you relaxation.


What makes this technique smoother is the idea of passive treatment, which means that you don’t have to do any movements while putting your device above your back.


What an awesome tool!!


For your mid back

This part of our body relies mostly on active treatment, which means you need to move and do some exercises as long as you are heating your back.


So the best way is to set your hot water bag up around your mid-back like a belt, then you can go to the gym or just do some aerobic movements at home.


Because the muscles in this area should be stretched, as long as heat is healing all the targeted parts.


It’s a similar explanation of what was spotted before.


Just don’t forget to integrate your hot water bag within your daily life activities such as:

  • While working out
  • Before sleeping
  • While sitting on a chair

And so on…


For your shoulders


Along with these ideas, this one also includes active treatment, because shoulder pain is frequently caused by a wrong move or by an accident at the gym.


So the solution here is basically to maintain your hot water bag on top of your shoulder in order to get pain relief.




Because the pain usually affects your shoulder muscles rather than your bones. However, such aches are easily cleared up just by applying heat to the main area.


But keep rolling your hands and stretching your muscles while using your hot water bag on your shoulders in order to accelerate the blood flow


Then you can keep it like that for a few more times. Thus, you will feel relieved and comfortable.


Also, I advise you to use your device after taking a warm bath; this could really help you recover faster because your muscles will be ready to be healed more than before.


Try it out and witness the great results!


Hot vs. Cold water in your bag

In the meantime, many pieces of research have proved that cold water has as well as hot water some exquisite and efficient results when it comes to reducing back pain.


In fact, there is no need to get confused about which type of water you should use to relieve your pain because they are almost the same.


So what most people do as usual is to use the hot water in their bags in cold weather and the cold water in the summer.


Also, you can obviously distinguish between them by choosing what could really suit you.


So here are some pros of cold water:

  • It retracts the tissues of your back
  • It works better for inflammations
  • It reduces the swelling and perspiration

And so on…


For the pros of hot water we find that:

  • It can increase your blood flow
  • It reduces tension
  • It wards off muscle spasms of your back


To be more satisfied, Try them out yourself and find out which one suits you the most!


No more painkillers


It is taken for granted that painkillers stand for short term pain relief. Hence, they can obviously bring about some bad side effects on your body.


So they are not the kind of mediums that you are looking for.


Instead, you are always able to replace them with a hot water bag.


As explained before, try usually to relax while using it, like do some Yoga in the morning, this can really help you recover faster and without taking any pills.


To be clearer, your hot water bag provides such a magnificent relief when it comes to back pain, this area is so sensitive and we cannot keep up with its suffering, so we are always seeking for the best treatment.


And maybe you are looking forward to getting faster results.


That’s why I highly recommend using your hot water bag instead of any other medium.


It is sufficiently favorable, comfortable and efficient for your back pain.


So, what are you waiting for?

Go and get yourself a hot water bag if you don’t already possess one!

Then you can figure out how useful it is!

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