Does hot water bag reduce period pain?


The majority of women suffer from substantial pain during their period. This could obviously bring about many problems to them in this phase of time such as:


  • Stress and anxiety
  • Asking for time off from work
  • Irritability
  • Lack of sleeping


And so on…


So if you are a man and you have a wife who’s always suffering from her period’s pain, I advise you to read these lines to grasp how easy you can provide comfort and recovery to your wife.


But if you are a female, then this message is addressed to you in the first place.


In fact, despite women’s exhaustive strategies to overcome this suffering, like taking some painkillers, they always seem to get frustrated from the useless results.


That’s why it is high time to spot some of the magnificent pros of your hot water bottle when it comes to women’s period:


The heat helps you during your period

The hot water bag heat helps you during your period

Fortunately, from now on you don’t have to consume any kind of painkillers due to their bad side effects whereas the solution is in your hands.


Well, let me tell you that your hot water bag is considered to be such a great natural solution for this kind of pain, how?


Some researches made at the university college London testify the beautiful effect of the heat on your abdominal part.
All you need to do is to put your hot water bag on your abdominal part and try to warm up your belly slowly like if you are doing a gentle massage to that part.


This idea spots the light on the ability of the heat to relief the period pain faster than painkillers.


Because scientifically speaking, the interaction between heat and your body from the molecular perspective forces the heated cells to act as a fence that blocks the transmission of pain from going to the brain.


Fantastic! Isn’t it?But the best is yet to come!


Don’t worry if you have a saturated schedule and you are working all the day because you can basically put your hot water bag under your clothes like a warming belt, this will bring you relaxation and will clearly relieve the pain, so eventually, you will be more productive all the day no matter what!

hot water bag with belt
hot water bag with belt

We’re not done yet!


It is so efficient for your menstrual cramps

hot water bag for your menstrual cramps

Most of the women are complaining about severe cramps when they are going through their period


but why? And how can you get over it?


If you came across a menstrual cramp during your period one day, don’t panic! And there is no need to get some painkillers or to consult a doctor!


I can assure you that it can be solved naturally and efficiently just due to your hot water bag. Just keep it near to you every day.


Try it out!


  • Keep warming up your abdominal part regularly and you will make a huge step up.
  • Don’t forget to put it between your legs before sleeping. Thus it will bring you comfort so the next day you will feel smoother and happier.


Menstrual cramps and depression

period cramps and depression

Studies have found recently that the painful feeling caused by the menstrual cramps during the period could highly make women feel depressed and anxious more than ever!


Chill out, you have a better solution in this case!


First, try to do some yoga or at least some small exercises every morning and keep breathing slowly, then, plug your hot water bag in under your clothes while having your breakfast.


This way you can start your day full of productivity and without feeling any kind of pain caused by the menstrual cramps.


Your hot water bag can induce your period

It is taken for granted that women sometimes think about a medium to induce their period in order to carry out some tasks in a certain phase of their schedule, such as hanging out with friends, or having an interview…


Apparently the exquisite solution for this case is using a hot water bottle regularly and continually.


The reason after that is the ability of heat to stimulate and induce the period.


In other words, putting your hot water bottle on your abdomen will increase your blood flow and eventually will accelerate your menstrual cycle.


So if you are looking forward to inducing your period! Whatever your purpose might be… I highly recommend you to use your hot water bag after having a warm bath, or after having a great training session at the gym.


Pills Vs. hot water bag for your period cramps

Along with what I spotted before, you can be probably using your pills to alleviate the pain during your period.


Well, that’s not bad, but let me remind you that your pills could change in a variety of ways the hormone level of your body.


This can really have an impact on your menstrual period such as irregular bleeding.


So the best way to get over these impacts is to use your hot water bag, which can basically replace your pills efficiently.


Try it for the long term


And see how much recovery and smoothness it can bring to you during your painful period.


Awesome results in your period


There will be no more pain while going through your menstrual period.


All you have to do is to buy a hot water bag if you don’t already possess one, and try to use it regularly before and during your period.


This way you will witness very good results just by chilling out and relaxing while having a good warm-up due to your hot water bag’s heat.

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