Hot water bag types and their features

hot water bag types


Indeed, using hot water bags is a very efficient way to overcome any kind of pain you may encounter in your body


Yet, different shapes and types of hot water bags have shown up nowadays!


They differ in size, color, price and usage. Also, each bag has its own efficiency, as well as its own features.


  • Are you looking forward to knowing which hot water bag suits you the most?


Well, here you will find some useful answers to all of your worries.


In fact, there are two types of hot water bags that are dominating in the markets.


It is all about the normal hot water bag and the electric one.


Hence, each one includes different designs and features


Check them out in the few lines below!


Well for the non-electric hot water bag we find:


1- The standard hot water bag

normal hot water bag

The most famous hot water bag that we used to know is the normal one (non-electric hot water bag)


Hence, the standard hot water bag contains a lot of features such as:


  • It comes with a stopper that is made from a strong and long lasting plastic, in order to protect you from any water leakage
  • It can carry till 2500ml of water, which is a huge amount that not all the bags can endure
  • The bag is designed to afford better and faster healing for a long period of time


So if you used the old methods of heat therapy, then this normal type is going to suit you as much as you want.


2- The U shaped hot water bag

u shaped hot water bag

This kind is obviously applied on the neck


Its capacity can reach up to 1400ml of water, and it usually comes with a very soft material in order to provide warm and protect your neck efficiently from any kind of risks


Moreover, you can put your head upon it, as it can endure high pressure


And, I can assure you that this type is very safe even for children


So, if you are looking for a medium to warm up your neck easily, then this hot water bag may be a wise choice


You can basically find it on our store!


3- The long hot water bag

long hot water bottle bag

This hot water bag is designed to be long (it can reach up to 90cm)


It is made like that in order to warm up more areas at the same time


For example, you can warm up your bed from the foot to the neck


You can also use it while sleeping in a cold night, just by hugging it without worrying about the risks of water leakage


Its capacity can reach up to 2600ml, and it is also designed to be more flexible than you can imagine


Because, you can also apply it around your waist or even around your neck


So, if you like the multiple usages of a hot water bag, then this long one may be a great device for you



4- The Hand-warmer bag


This kind of hot water bags is very similar to the standard ones


But in addition to the features mentioned before, this one includes two small pockets on it.


This way, you can put your hands inside those pockets in order to warm them up easily and smoothly


Besides, this hot water bag comes usually with a very cute design that attracts kids mostly


So if you want to buy a hot water bag for your kids, then this type is probably made for you


5- The hot water bag with belt

hot water bag with belt

This hot water bag is obviously designed to be similar to a belt



Well, it is so smooth to use it around your waist or around your shoulders


You can basically apply it during work or while doing home tasks, without worrying about carrying it with your hands


Moreover, using it while working out could also be a great idea, especially if it is a cold day


6- The ice bag

Ice bag for losing weight

The ice bag has commonly small dimensions, which makes it very easy while applying it


It can only be filled with some cubes of ice, and then you can use it to heal any part of your body in case of an injury or an inflammation


Hence, you can also use it in case of a headache, as it is so efficient


And most of us use it to cool down in case we have a fever


It is considered as a highly secure medium because it doesn’t contain any dangerous side effects


And in case you don’t find one, you can basically fill your hot water bag with very cold water and use instead.


Now we are going to move on for the next type of hot water bags, which is the electric ones


Check them out!


7- The electric gel-based hot bag

gel hot water bag

This one comes already filled with a specific gel that needs to be heated inside the bag.


This means you don’t have to fill it before each usage. Because all you have to do is to plug it into electricity and wait for the gel to get heated


The gel bag is obviously a rechargeable one!


In addition, a red light will start immediately showing that the heating is in process


According to the heating requirements, the red light will switch off automatically after a certain period of time (from 3 to 5 minutes)


And, one of the great features of this type is that the gel can last heated up to 100 minutes


8- The hot water-based bag

This is obviously famous as well, it is like the first one but it gets filled with water instead.


All you need to do if you possess it is to fill it with cold water and after plugging it into electricity, it wouldn’t take much more than 5 minutes to make the water inside very hot and ready to be used


The exquisite feature about this one is the fact that it is soft and smooth in a variety of ways while applying it


Furthermore, most of the electric hot water bags are including the auto-cut technique


This allows them to cut the electricity supply automatically when the water is completely heated


Thus, you will no longer worry about any the risks of burning your house


9- The wearable hot water bag

It is high time to speak about this exquisite type of hot water bag!


As it is different from all the previous ones due to its innovative and outstanding design


The adjustable or wearable electric hot water bag is another piece of art, because it contains a large amount of features


It will keep you always safe from the risk of burning as it is equipped with a high quality temperature sensor, which makes the temperature controlled all the time


For the charging period, we are speaking about less than 5 minutes at most to get ready for application


Moreover, this magnificent hot water bag includes many other features such as:


  • It made from high-quality materials
  • It protects you from overheating
  • It is also equipped with a built than can make it easy for you to heat any part of your body while doing other tasks without carrying the bag with your hands
  • It can remain warm up to 6 hours at most\
  • It will bring you relief, smoothness and the feeling of relaxation


And so on…

So try it out!

It is always available in this website


How to select the best type of hot water bag for you


Well, it is obvious to you for now that anyone could get confused about which hot water bag is the best for you


Because at the main time, all of the previous types are closely similar


But don’t worry!


There are some instructions that need to be taken into account before choosing the best hot water bag that suits you the most, such as:


  • Materials: A good hot water bag is usually made from a specific rubber or other material, that can endure higher temperatures


  • Auto-cut technique: In case you prefer the electric one, make sure you select a hot water bag already equipped with the auto cut feature


Because while charging it, you will not worry anymore about the risks of burning your house or your body


  • Reviews: Most clients give their reviews about the product after using it for a while, so reading those reviews will give you a soft and clear idea about the efficiency of the bag.


All in all, I can’t deny the fact that is difficult to distinguish between these mentioned types of hot water bags


But abiding by these instructions will make it easier for you to select the most adorable hot water bag that will eventually suit you.


So try to follow them and see the great results!


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